Scout&about 16-20.11.2022

The first edition of our project finished almost a month ago. So, we present you with a summary from all our adventures.

The first edition of our project finished almost a month ago. So, we present you with a summary from all our adventures.

Day 1

Arrivals, arrivals and… more arrivals. Our participants used all possible transports to get to our beautiful capital. Even though there were some delays (as there were problems with trains coming from Germany) all scouts got safely to the meeting point in our foundation office. From there a bus took us to our accommodation in Stara Dąbrowa in the Kampinos forest. After dinner, all participants got their, specially prepared for our event, IDs and went upstairs to get some sleep after a long way.

Day 2

We started the day with survival training led by true experts on the topic. During the exercises our participants had a chance to learn new skills as well as practice those, they already possessed. Building shelter, starting a fire, or making a water filter from juniper – now our brave scouts can do it all. After lunch we gathered in the big hall and split into five teams for a workshop in team building games and exercises. Each group had an assigned topic and an object for inspiration. The biggest hit turned out to be a game called “Moose-snake” which theme were movies. All participants of the game start by playing rock-paper-scissors. If one loses, they need to follow the winner chanting the title of their favourite film. At the end there are only two snakes left – their heads compete in the game until there is a clear winner and this person becomes The Moose Snake. Why moose you ask? The object the team got assigned as inspiration was a plushie of a small moose – the symbol of the Kampinos park we spend our days at. In the evening we had an inauguration bonfire. Obrazek 1 Obrazek 2 Obrazek 3 Obrazek 4 Obrazek 5

Day 3

On the third day, we woke up to a magical view: it snowed during the night. As we had some time between breakfast and first planned activity, we decided to go for a short, hour-long hike in the Kampinos National Park. A bit cold but happy with the snow, we finished with a snowball fight in front of our accommodation. Later we met again for another workshop, this time about tourist potential of our cities. Each group had a task to design a travel app, they would like to use when showing someone around their hometown. In the afternoon partakers had a chance to work on their premedical help skills, learn how to free a person from a car wreck, or what to do with a victim of smoke poisoning. We finished the day with some free time, but thanks to our Slovenian scouts and their knowledge on different dances and games, we played half a night! Obrazek 6 Obrazek 7

Day 4

It’s Warsaw time! Our participants spend half a day in the Polish. For some of them it was their first time in our city, so they used this time to see the Old Town and City Centre. The atmosphere was purely magical with snow laying on red tiled roofs and Christmas lights slowly showing on the streets. After we came back for lunch, we had a chance to make our own rings for scout-ties. At the end of the day, we had a closing bonfire and photo session. Obrazek 8 Obrazek 9 Obrazek 10