Join the European Scout Meeting “Scout & about”!

Together with leaders from all over Europe, face the challenges facing today's scouting and scouting groups. And all this in the picturesque scenery of the Kampinos National Park.

Check out the event program.

Our goal is to integrate leaders of scouting and scouting communities from all over Europe.

During the 5-day convention, participants will have the opportunity to exchange experiences, ways of organizing their units' time, and jointly develop innovative methods of implementing sports competitions in the form of games, maneuvers and outdoor games.

This is an event centered around real benefits for the leaders of the future generation, and its course will be largely shaped by the participants themselves.

Check out the event program.

Step outside the Scouting comfort zone.

Meet leaders of fraternal organizations from all over Europe.

Share experiences from the lives of scouts and scouters.

Develop innovative forms of scouting activities

Convention program



  • arrival and accommodation
  • meeting and intergration of participants
  • inaugural campfire


  • survival workshops
  • innovative teambuilding
  • development of an international scouting game


  • first aid maneuvers
  • UX workshops


  • field reconnaissance
  • DIY activities
  • campfire ending the reunion


  • participants' departure
  • return

As an organizer, we provide:

International transportation

Comfortable accommodation

Full board

Program of on-site events

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